Meet Tina 

I’ve been in the insurance industry for decades, and in that time I’ve built rewarding, long-term relationships with clients who appreciate an agent who puts their needs first. A good agent makes all the difference, so the standard I hold myself to is, to quote my kids, “impossibly high.” My job is to make sure clients understand not just the elements of their coverage, but the value of the premium rate they’re paying, since paying less isn’t always the benefit it seems in the short term. I take the research and worry-work out of setting up correct coverage at the most reasonable rate available, and pride myself on being an advocate ongoing. I like to think if you put value in the fundamentals (kindness, punctuality, and honesty), you’re setting yourself up for success both at work and at home… or in my case, outdoors: preferably near an ocean!

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Phone Number: (949) 215-9803
Email Address: tinat@homeservices-ins.com

What Tina's clients are saying...

"I can’t thank you enough for your hard work on getting this done."
- Mark N.

"I can always count on you!"
-Linda T.