Meet Rosario

In 2006, my journey in the insurance industry began as a receptionist at a small auto insurance agency. Through this experience, I discovered my passion for assisting not only my family and friends but also the members of our community in finding the right protection for their vehicles, homes, and businesses.

I am very passionate about identifying the most suitable insurance policies that align with individuals’ requirements. Empathy is at the core of my approach, as I firmly believe in the potential to positively impact someone's life, through cost savings on insurance or addressing coverage gaps. No matter your situation, I strongly recommend everyone completes an annual review of their insurance coverage to ensure it aligns with their current needs.

When I’m not working, my interests include fostering a connection with nature, engaging in meditation, and exploring the great outdoors through hiking.

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What Rosario's clients are saying...

"So responsive, patient, and pros at what they do!"
- Darcy O.

"Thorough and professional. My agent shopped around for the best possible price."
- Robin M. & Frank S.